Viewing the Dilemmas

Once you have added your Dilemmas to your WordPress displaying them on the front end is achieved through the use of the following shortcode.


This will create a fully CSS styled Dilemma contest as shown below.

Click on the option which you prefer, and you are then displayed the results of the poll so far. This is all handled by powerful jQuery and AJAX. Once you have clicked a link you are shown the results with a link to display the next Dilemma

You can add variants to the shortcode to filter the Dilemmas by category or author with the following shortcodes

[dilemmas cats = '5']

where cats is the ID of the category and

[dilemmas author = '1']

where author is the ID of the user who has added the Dilemma.

Allowing users to upload their own Dilemmas

Allowing users to upload their own Dilemmas is really easy. You can create an upload form for your site by using the following shortcode to any page or post.


This will create an upload form similar to

This allows your users to Add a Dilemma. You will need to ensure visitors are registered and logged into your site to be able to upload Dilemmas though.

Any uploaded Dilemmas are added as Pending posts so you can review them before publishing them. This will help prevent against any SPAM Dilemmas which people may add.

That’s all there is to using the Dilemmas plugin. A very powerful and highly customised CSS WordPress Plugin which leverages jQuery, AJAX and CSS.

Updated on August 28, 2017

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